Construction Week for Contractors

Construction Week: A great excuse for a visit!

Construction Week is a nation-wide effort created to raise awareness about the career options available in the construction industry and to promote the industry as a safe, exciting and rewarding employment path. 2020 will mark the fourth year the MCA has participated. To be clear, Construction Week isn’t one big event. Instead, it includes lots of different types of construction-related events taking place in numerous schools and communities across Montana. This year. Construction week was held Oct. 4-8, 2021.

Once you have arranged your Construction Week event, we want to make sure as many people as possible in your community get the word that “Construction rules!” In addition to sharing your event details with the MCA Education Foundation to add to its statewide calendar, contact the media in your area to see if they will cover your event – they are always looking for positive community news. Click here to download a press release you can personalize for your business and event. When it comes to publicizing Construction Week on your company’s social media channels, etc., you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. The MCA will be sharing information on its social media channels, website and more.

Montana teachers — we’re here to help! Want assistance developing a Construction Week activity for your school, scheduling a contractor visit or planning a construction site tour? Contact the MCA at (406) 442-4162.

Testimonial from Hellgate High School, Missoula:

“First off I would like to thank MCA’s members along with the board that not only promote construction week but also supply the grant opportunities to help high school teachers like myself provide an extra opportunity for students to explore the trades. Hellgate High School was able to team up with Sletten Construction at their Summit Beverage job. We used MCA’s grant funding to pay for busses to take us out to their site. We ran four different groups out there over 2 days. It was awesome.

The Sletten Superintendents were outstanding with the kids. They stopped their busy day (4 different times) to not only give a tour, but talk with the kids. They introduced them to various tradesmen, explained the planning process, goals, and their own backgrounds that got them to the positions they have today. They were able to talk about job opportunities for graduates, possible avenues for construction industry careers, and starting wages. Students got to hear first hand the soft skills expected of them.

I have been fortunate to work with MCA and the members the last few years on construction week. It is motivating for the teacher too. I always involve my two coworkers in our industrial tech department. It helps us stay connected to industry and motivates us to build on construction week. Please share how much our program here at Hellgate High School appreciates working with MCA. Thank you for your continued support. It means a lot to us, our program, and the kids.”

–Chip Rinehart, Building Trades instructor, Hellgate High School